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Center of competence (CoC)


CoCs shall be fully responsible for the administration, use and maintenance of properties, infrastructures and facilities in the disposal of their function;

Facilitate the dissemination of information for the assessment and certification program in various media platforms.

Provide candidates and other stakeholders of the TVET with the Occupational standards that are applicable to their occupation, to guide their manpower in their future plans.

Facilitate conduct of assessors Methodology course to industry practitioners and those qualified to handle assessment activities.

Accredit qualified practitioners and trainers to serve as Assessors in their respective occupations and qualification levels.

Accredit qualified establishments, TVET institutions or business establishments as assessment Center for specific occupational qualification level, after assessing the establishment’s readiness to house assessment of practical skills.

Facilitate and supervise the actual conduct of assessment in the accredited assessment center, and provide the center with the qualified assessors.

Submits timely reports on the results of assessment to the FTA, and at the same time maintain and manage the registry/database of workers/candidates assessed and to be certified.

Maintain and manage the confidentiality and integrity of the assessment tools and results of assessments.

Handle reasonable appeal of the candidates that can’t be resolved by assessment center

The CoC representative shall provide the AC with a copy of the attendance sheet submitted by the assessor, to support his request for honoraria

Assessment Center

Accept and process application for assessment, and receive with proper receipts the payments for assessment.  The amount for the Assessment fee is decided by the Regional government as recommended by the CoC.

For an agreed minimum number of applicants, as recommended by the CoC during its accreditation, the Center submits assessment schedule to the CoC. This schedule shall be processed and finalized by the CoC.


The center has to orient and create adequate awareness among its registered candidates on the assessment procedure as well as on Dos and DON’Ts;

Make sure that the required equipment, tools and materials and other necessary facilities are prepared at least 1 week before the conduct of actual assessment, and ready for inspection by CoC officials and appointed assessors.

Facilitate the conduct of assessment activities, making available all the resources needed, including shop-in-charge and shop assistants, and providing these personnel the proper remuneration for services rendered outside official working time. 

Establish a technical committee that investigates processes and recommends decisions for appeals of candidates;

Provide the assessors with the proper honoraria based on the agreed rates, as approved by the Regional government, on the same date of assessment following an approval from the CoC representative for receiving the required report of assessment

Remit the CoC with its share from the assessment fee according to the agreed rates approved by the Regional government.

Assign ethically and occupationally competent staff to supervise the conduct of assessment and compliance to the rules, regulations and procedures.

Designate mobile and satellite assessment venues for purposes of accessibility whenever necessary and with the knowledge of the accrediting CoC.


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