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 Message from the Director


I would like to greet anyone who is visiting our website. Now days OCACC’s website is becoming one of the most visited websites in the country.

Recently we have made updating and upgrading to it. We see more visitors visit it online in each day.This indicates how our work is reaching to many people as well as the importance of the reasons that many people have to reach to us.Thanks  to  the  technology  for  bringing all of  us together  in this  way  and making our work easier.

 Now our country is in a very historical juncture. Due to good policy of   our government and very dedicated leadership of our leaders, our national efforts to get out of long aged poverty have been yielding impressive fruits.

  The country has been registering tremendous successes almost in all spectrum. The ongoing efforts based on the  Five Years Transformation and Growth plan are  also expected  to take our country in to very higher stage of development through consolidating and advancing our achievements

    Our mission is supplying competent labor force to the rapidly growing industry has greater economic significance in connection with this. Our  Center  assess the professional  competence and skills of  the people who have  trained  in various  professions  of  technical  fields  and medium  level  trainers in  other occupations and  give a certificate of  competency assurance.Being assessed and proving competency in our Center has number of advantages for individuals in addition to its national importance.  It makes you to be needed by the labor market than you need the jobs. You will have a greater chance of being employed wherever your profession requires. Even it broadens  your  accessibility to  greater opportunities in the international arena. It helps you build greater confidence and energizes yourself esteem.  

Therefore, I would like  to invite  any  one whether you are  trained  and educated  in a formal ways  or obtained professional skills  through non formal practicing , to come and assessed  in our center so that you  will be able  to be  benefited  the above mentioned ones. 

  Ashebir Tekle,  OCACC Director

Latest News

  • በማንኛዉም ሙያ በLEVEL 3 & 4 የተግባርና የፅሁፍ ተመዝነው የተግባር ብቻ ብቁ ከሆኑ የፅሁፉን ምዘና ብቻ ክፍያ ከፈለው ድጋሜ ይመዘናሉ፡፡ ነገርግን የተግባርና የፅሁፍ ተመዝነው የፅሁፍ ብቻ ብቁ ከሆኑ በድጋሜ የሚመዘኑት የተግባሩንና የፅሁፉን በድጋሜ ሙሉ ክፍያ ከፍለው መሆኑን ማዕከሉ ያሳውቃል፡፡

ጊዜያዊ ሠርተፍኬት ለምትወስዱ ደንበኞች በሙሉ

  • አዲስ አበባ ከተማ አስተዳደር የሙያ ብቃት ምዘናና ማረጋገጫ ማዕከል ጊዜያዊ ሠርተፍኬት መውስድ የሚቻለው ከዚህ በታች በተጠቀሱት ቀናት ብቻ መሆኑን እንገልፃለን፡፡

  • ሰኞና ማስከኞ ሰርተፍኬት ለመውሰድ ለምትመጡ ደንበኞች ጊዚያዊ ሠርተፍኬቱን ዕሮብ ቀን ይወስዳሉ፡፡

  • ዕሮብና ሃሙስ ሰርተፍኬት ለመውሰድ ለምትመጡ ደንበኞች ጊዚያዊ ሠርተፍኬቱን አርብ ቀን ይወስዳሉ፡፡

  •        አርብ ቀን ሰርተፍኬት ለመውሰድ ለምትመጡ ደንበኞች ጊዚያዊ ሠርተፍኬቱን ሰኞ ቀን ይወስዳሉ፡፡

Latest News

ኦርጅናል ሠርተፍኬት ለምትወስዱ ደንበኞች በሙሉ

በሁሉም  ሙያዎች  ምዘና ወስዳችሁ ጊዜያዊ ሰርተፍኬት ከተሰጣችሁ 6 ወር የሞላችሁ በማዕከሉ ሬጅስትራል ቢሮ በመምጣትና ቀጠሮ በማስያዝ ኦርጅናል ስርተፍኬቱን መውሰድ የምትችሉ መሆኑን እየገለፅን ማሟላት የሚገባችሁ ቅድመ ሁኔታዎች፡-  

  1.   የወሰዳችሁትን የጊዜያዊ ሰርተፍኬት 1 ፎቶ ኮፒ

  2.    3x4  የሆነ 1 ጉርድ ፎቶ ግራፍ /ሁለት ጆሮ የሚያሳይ መሆን አለበት/

  3.  የማመልከቻ ፎርም ወስደው በመሙላት በባለሙያው ካስመሩ በኋላ ቢሮ ቁጥር 118 በመሄድ ብር 20 ከፍለው ይምጡ፡፡

ማሳሰቢያ ኦርጅናል ስርተፍኬቱን ለመውሰድ ጊዜያዊ ሰርተፍኬት ከወሰዳችሁ ከ6 ወር በኃላ መሆን አለበት፡፡


Latest News

























































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